Similar to a to-do list, there is a to-capture list for wedding photography that is recently taking the internet by storm. The wedding photograph album must ideally show the view the entire process of the wedding event, starting from the moment after they got engaged, to the moment they held their wedding event / banquet. Some of the things that must be captured and included inside your wedding photograph album are:

1. Wedding dress (for the bride) and wedding suit (for the groom). This does not mean capturing photographs of the bride and groom wearing the wedding dress and suit(get your suits and gowns here if you need them: .  Instead, put the wedding dress and suit down and hang them up. Including a picture of them hung up like as if the first moment you first set your eyes on them may be a good start to the wedding photograph album.

2. Process of getting ready. There must be photographs showing the views what the bride and groom is going through during the “getting-ready process”. Some photographs showing their happy and/or nervous faces will be good and natural.

3. Couple shot. What is wedding photograph album without a picture of the newly-weds together in a photograph in Singapore? This should be the main highlight of the wedding photograph album

4. Family shot. It will be great to have a family shot that consists of the bride’s family and the groom’s family as their marriage symbolizes the merger of the 2 families.

5. The Aisle walk. The Aisle walk is one of the main highlight in the wedding event / banquet. The magical moment where the bride and groom walks down the aisle can be very touching and beautiful. You certainly don’t want to miss out this one.

6. The marriage document. This may be commonly missed out by photographers. An artistic photo of the marriage document, to me, is an essential component of a wedding photograph album.

And the list can go on and on. Here is a sample wedding photography to capture list that you can follow. Remember that the list is not exhaustive! You can add more things to the list as you want.