Hi there, my name is Jenny and I am a bridal photographer in Singapore. The reason why I took up this job as a wedding photographer is because I love looking at and interacting with joyful happenings. To me, weddings is one of the most joyful event in life. I feel both elated and important as a wedding photographer in Singapore, capturing beautiful wedding memories for different newly weds almost everyday. There is not a day I feel bored or irritated at my job as the atmosphere is always so lively and delightful. No one sulks during a wedding and it was pure positive energies all around.

Unlike most of the other Singapore bridal photographers, I am not a freelancer. In fact, I am attached to a wedding photography & videography studio in Singapore. This frees up a lot of my time as I do not need to go around actively looking for pre wedding photography jobs. I can say that I am aware of the various Singapore photography & videography studios’ work quality due to my long years in this industry.

I would say the best pre wedding photos I have seen come from Grandeur Wedding. Due to copyright issues, I will not post the pictures here. The pictures were taken overseas in Sweden if I recalled correctly (yes, Grandeur Wedding  Studio sent 2 wedding photographers to Sweden, accompanying the newly weds for their pre wedding photo shoot there). They went to quite a lot of locations to use them as the backdrop in the photographs. I especially liked the one with the lake as the backdrop. Go over to their website to look at those amazing photographs. If they removed it, perhaps you can call them up and arrange for a meet up for them to show you their portfolio.

A piece of advice for newly weds – if you would like to take beautiful wedding photographs or videos, go for those bespoke, higher end photography & videography studios in Singapore. Their quality is the crux and it will be worth it to pay a little more for the big difference in quality.