If you are getting ideas for your wedding photo shoot or perhaps locations for your pre wedding photography Singapore session, then here are some really great ideas you can put to use. Hopefully the suggestions below would be able to inspire you (you can feel free to use them or adapt). Some of the following are suggested to me long ago by my friend working at Grandeur Wedding Pte Ltd.

Singapore pre wedding photography venue ideas:

1) Ann Siang Hill

A hot favorite spot for couples who are taking pre wedding photography in Singapore, Ann Siang Hill is a unique location in Singapore for such bridal photo shoots. This is because this place, although it looks very ‘traditional’, is actually based right smack in the middle of Singapore at Tanjong Pagar. Located at a very convenient place for those with private cars (it’s near a hawker center and to town) in Singapore, Ann Siang Hill offers the convenience of the city with a rustic and traditional settings for pre wedding photography.

2) Botanic Gardens

A UNESCO heritage site, Botanic Gardens with the beautiful swans in its numerous lakes, wonderful surrounding, calm and serenity throughout all parts of the Gardens, it is the ideal location for your pre wedding photography in Singapore.

Pre wedding photography ideas and inspiration

Or, you could always go for a pre wedding photo such as the one where the bride groom picks up the bride and swings her around in the air with the beautiful sunset in the background. This one has a more romantic feel and would work and look great for couples who prefer that.

For couples who prefer having more passion in their wedding photographs could go for something more like the right side where the soon to be married couple seem to be wanting to jump right into action if you know what I mean. I think that looks really awesome but stays classy as well. Just take note that if you want to take such photographs, make it to be the last for the day otherwise your entire clothing would potentially be dirty as you and your fiancee would most likely be wearing white and lying on the floor.