Some couples contemplate over the decision as to whether they should take wedding videography, but here are some tips to help you decide much quicker.

1) If you were asked to watch a movie, would you prefer looking at all images of different scenes or would you prefer a well put together video with visual and audio elements? Of course you would choose the video. This is the reason why wedding videos is also very important for couples.

2) A picture may paint a thousand words but a video paints a million words. With the addition of video and visual combined together, a wedding video is that much better than just photos because it adds two additional dimensions to your experience when you and your spouse look back at the footage – time and sound.

3) With today’s computers which have tremendous amounts of storage space, you will not ever need to worry about the lack of space on your computer to store your wedding video. To add on, there are so many software and Internet services such as Dropbox and Google Drive that you never ever need to worry about having places to back up your wedding video footage in Singapore.

4) When I ask you to take your wedding videography in Singapore, I am not discouraging you from taking photography as well. What I mean and what you must understand is that I am asking you to take both wedding videography and photography (

5) This may sound cliche, but the truth is, you want to ask yourself – 10 years down the road, are you going to regret having your wedding videography in Singapore taken or not taking it more? Make sure your answer is that you will not regret anything.

Having your own Singapore wedding video will just make everything and the captured memories that much more special for you and your spouse. So make sure to capture yours today with a competent wedding videographer in Singapore!