You relatives, close friends, friends, and colleagues will be present at the wedding, ready to witness your glamorous moment. Apart from these people whom you know in your life, the only outsider in the event is the Singapore wedding photographers and videographers that you hired. It is a common sight to see wedding photographers and wedding videographers roaming freely around the wedding event as they take pictures and videos of the event.

Lately, there has been a new addition to the wedding photography line-up. It is the inclusion of a photo booth at the wedding event. This idea of a photo booth inside the wedding event is interesting. Normally, the photo booth will be placed at the reception area, right outside the wedding ballroom where all the guests will be seated to watch the wedding ceremony. The photo booth is open for all to use, and is the most crowded right before the wedding ceremony started as many people will be standing out at the reception area, talking to each other. Beside the photo booth, there is also a table containing some props to be used as posing materials. You can pick up these props and take a pose in front of the camera in the photo booth.

The presence of a photo booth reduces the workload of the wedding photographers. In the past, wedding photographers will need to go around the reception area to take pictures of the guests interacting with one another. This will paint the picture of the wedding event before the wedding ceremony starts. With the photo booth placed at the reception area, the wedding photographer can spend less time walking around the reception area before the wedding ceremony starts, and can also go over to the newly weds to take pictures of them preparing for the bridal ceremony. They can also walk around the ballroom to plan their locations to stand to take wedding photographs later during the bridal ceremony too.

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