It is common for Singaporeans these days to take up both pre wedding photography package as well as actual day wedding photography package. With regards to pre wedding photography package in Singapore, many Singaporeans prefer to have the photo shoot conducted overseas and it is not difficult to see why. Singapore is such a small island with few scenic places to have great Singapore wedding photography shoots, and hence may not satisfied some of the more adventurous and demanding couples. Overseas wedding photo shoots naturally came to their minds.

The next question to this is, “Who should you approach to have your overseas wedding photo shoot taken? Should you get a local bridal photographer, or an overseas wedding photographer?”

Here, I present to you the arguments for both side of the coin.

Arguments for going with a local wedding photographer 
1. A local wedding photographer in Singapore (i.e. be more trustworthy and reliable than an overseas wedding photographer. The obvious advantage of hiring a local wedding photographer over an overseas wedding photographer for your wedding photo shoots is its physical proximity of the local wedding photographer that gives you more reassurance that he will not run away with your money. If you engage a local wedding photographer, you can always go up to his office to clarify any pressing doubts. If you engage an overseas wedding photographer, the only way of communication between you and him when you are in Singapore, is through email or teleconferencing. There is a risk that he will run away with your money and you can’t track him and sue him for that.

2. If you engage a local wedding photographer for all your wedding photography packages, you will have the benefit that he will be more accustomed to your style and fully understand your requirements. Hence, he will be able to produce a better wedding album for you overall. If you engage a local wedding photographer for the actual day wedding photography and an overseas wedding photographer for the overseas pre wedding photography, they may not understand your requirement as well and there is no synergy between the two albums created.

3. If you engage a local wedding photographer for all your wedding photography packages, you can receive a lower cost overall too, as he can give you discount for multiple purchases. Individual purchases are always more expensive than multiple purchases.

Arguments for going with an overseas wedding photographer
1. The overseas wedding photographer will be more familiar with the overseas locations to take beautiful wedding photographs. As compared to a local wedding photographer, the overseas wedding photographer will be in a better position to suggest more scenic places. He may also plan a better itinerary to cut down traveling time as he is familiar with getting around in the country. This will result in time efficiency for the overseas wedding photo shoot.

2. Perhaps a lower cost of living overseas when you are there. The overseas wedding photographer have a higher chance to tie up with the overseas partners such as hotels and restaurants and may be able to lower the price for you while you are there.

The verdict is not clear whether you should engage a local wedding photographer or an overseas wedding photographer. Consider the arguments I have stated above and make the informed decision for yourself!