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Getting A Wedding Photo Booth?

You relatives, close friends, friends, and colleagues will be present at the wedding, ready to witness your glamorous moment. Apart from these people whom you know in your life, the only outsider in the event is the Singapore wedding photographers and videographers that you hired. It is a common sight to see wedding photographers and wedding videographers roaming freely around the wedding event as they take pictures and videos of the event.

Lately, there has been a new addition to the wedding photography line-up. It is the inclusion of a photo booth at the wedding event. This idea of a photo booth inside the wedding event is interesting. Normally, the photo booth will be placed at the reception area, right outside the wedding ballroom where all the guests will be seated to watch the wedding ceremony. The photo booth is open for all to use, and is the most crowded right before the wedding ceremony started as many people will be standing out at the reception area, talking to each other. Beside the photo booth, there is also a table containing some props to be used as posing materials. You can pick up these props and take a pose in front of the camera in the photo booth.

The presence of a photo booth reduces the workload of the wedding photographers. In the past, wedding photographers will need to go around the reception area to take pictures of the guests interacting with one another. This will paint the picture of the wedding event before the wedding ceremony starts. With the photo booth placed at the reception area, the wedding photographer can spend less time walking around the reception area before the wedding ceremony starts, and can also go over to the newly weds to take pictures of them preparing for the bridal ceremony. They can also walk around the ballroom to plan their locations to stand to take wedding photographs later during the bridal ceremony too.

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Should You Hire A Local Or Overseas Wedding Photographer?

It is common for Singaporeans these days to take up both pre wedding photography package as well as actual day wedding photography package. With regards to pre wedding photography package in Singapore, many Singaporeans prefer to have the photo shoot conducted overseas and it is not difficult to see why. Singapore is such a small island with few scenic places to have great Singapore wedding photography shoots, and hence may not satisfied some of the more adventurous and demanding couples. Overseas wedding photo shoots naturally came to their minds.

The next question to this is, “Who should you approach to have your overseas wedding photo shoot taken? Should you get a local bridal photographer, or an overseas wedding photographer?”

Here, I present to you the arguments for both side of the coin.

Arguments for going with a local wedding photographer 
1. A local wedding photographer in Singapore (i.e. be more trustworthy and reliable than an overseas wedding photographer. The obvious advantage of hiring a local wedding photographer over an overseas wedding photographer for your wedding photo shoots is its physical proximity of the local wedding photographer that gives you more reassurance that he will not run away with your money. If you engage a local wedding photographer, you can always go up to his office to clarify any pressing doubts. If you engage an overseas wedding photographer, the only way of communication between you and him when you are in Singapore, is through email or teleconferencing. There is a risk that he will run away with your money and you can’t track him and sue him for that.

2. If you engage a local wedding photographer for all your wedding photography packages, you will have the benefit that he will be more accustomed to your style and fully understand your requirements. Hence, he will be able to produce a better wedding album for you overall. If you engage a local wedding photographer for the actual day wedding photography and an overseas wedding photographer for the overseas pre wedding photography, they may not understand your requirement as well and there is no synergy between the two albums created.

3. If you engage a local wedding photographer for all your wedding photography packages, you can receive a lower cost overall too, as he can give you discount for multiple purchases. Individual purchases are always more expensive than multiple purchases.

Arguments for going with an overseas wedding photographer
1. The overseas wedding photographer will be more familiar with the overseas locations to take beautiful wedding photographs. As compared to a local wedding photographer, the overseas wedding photographer will be in a better position to suggest more scenic places. He may also plan a better itinerary to cut down traveling time as he is familiar with getting around in the country. This will result in time efficiency for the overseas wedding photo shoot.

2. Perhaps a lower cost of living overseas when you are there. The overseas wedding photographer have a higher chance to tie up with the overseas partners such as hotels and restaurants and may be able to lower the price for you while you are there.

The verdict is not clear whether you should engage a local wedding photographer or an overseas wedding photographer. Consider the arguments I have stated above and make the informed decision for yourself!

What To Expect From Your Bridal Photographer

While my previous post is about telling you how to find a great wedding photographer (try some of our personal recommendations here:, here are some more tips on making sure that the eventual professional relationship you and your fiancee has with the wedding photographer in Singapore will always be amicable and productive at the same time.

  • Always be honest with your expectations, budget and preferences right from the beginning. As with your relationship with your fiancee and future spouse, you want to be as honest as possible so that you get to work with the right wedding photographer. You do not want to set false expectations and tell him or her the wrong type of preferences for wedding photos and end up in unhappiness.
  • Make sure to check with the wedding photographer if he or she has a form of transport for you to move around in. Not every wedding photographer in Singapore has a private transport to bring you about – you want to clarify this first before moving off.
  • As much as possible, you have to trust the photographer when it comes to the poses. You have worked hard at finding a great and professional wedding photographer in Singapore – your next natural step would be to fully trust him or her. If you don’t, then don’t engage his or her services. If you engage someone you trust yet keep doubting the wedding photographer’s capabilities when he or she has already proven himself or herself to you, then you will end up very stressed during the day of your photo shoot – and that will definitely make your photographs to turn out ugly.
  • Just as mentioned in the above point number 2, you want to check with the Singapore wedding photographer if he or she works with a recommended make up artist. Some of their photography or videography services include make up services, while others do not. Some work with partner make up firms while others do not at all. Make sure to clarify all these up front.

Hopefully the above mentioned tips would be able to better help you make your entire actual day or pre wedding photo shoot session in Singapore a more pleasurable one!

How To Find A Photographer In Singapore

Engaging a great wedding photographer in Singapore should not give you a headache.

I know, you might have experienced issues because you either don’t know how to search for photographers in Singapore who are willing to take your bridal photo shoot in Singapore or you know too many people and you simply do not know how to shortlist the final ones you are willing to go with.

Choosing a great wedding photographer ie Grandeur Wedding Studio is like choosing a spouse – it needs great care and you need to know what to look out for. Here are some tips if you are looking to take the best wedding photography ever.

How to look for wedding photographers in Singapore

– You can search on Google or such search engines for wedding photographers  located in Singapore and look through the portfolio and wedding images that they uploaded onto their website. Using this method, you can very quickly look through a lot of websites and find out which are the ones you prefer and then engage them or at least shortlist them along with your fiancee.

– Of course, you can always turn to ask friends or family members who have taken beautiful wedding photographs and then ask them for referrals. Usually such referrals would do great as well as long as the bridal photographer has time to help you take your photo shoot in Singapore or overseas.

How to shortlist the best wedding photographers in Singapore?

After knowing how to look for photographers, your next task would then be to shortlist the best among those you have. The following are some tips on how to shortlist your final bridal photographer.

– Talk to them. Communication is key as different wedding photographers have different styles even if their photos turn out the same. Some of the wedding photographers in Singapore are very active and directive when it comes to your wedding images while others are fully silent until you tell them something. Each couple’s preference for a top wedding photographer is different and so you want to talk to him or her personally before deciding to engage them.

– Always go for a pre wedding photoshoot session. This is because you cannot repeat the actual day wedding photography, but you will immediately know if the chosen photographer is good during the pre wedding photography session.

Should You Take Wedding Videos?

Some couples contemplate over the decision as to whether they should take wedding videography, but here are some tips to help you decide much quicker.

1) If you were asked to watch a movie, would you prefer looking at all images of different scenes or would you prefer a well put together video with visual and audio elements? Of course you would choose the video. This is the reason why wedding videos is also very important for couples.

2) A picture may paint a thousand words but a video paints a million words. With the addition of video and visual combined together, a wedding video is that much better than just photos because it adds two additional dimensions to your experience when you and your spouse look back at the footage – time and sound.

3) With today’s computers which have tremendous amounts of storage space, you will not ever need to worry about the lack of space on your computer to store your wedding video. To add on, there are so many software and Internet services such as Dropbox and Google Drive that you never ever need to worry about having places to back up your wedding video footage in Singapore.

4) When I ask you to take your wedding videography in Singapore, I am not discouraging you from taking photography as well. What I mean and what you must understand is that I am asking you to take both wedding videography and photography (

5) This may sound cliche, but the truth is, you want to ask yourself – 10 years down the road, are you going to regret having your wedding videography in Singapore taken or not taking it more? Make sure your answer is that you will not regret anything.

Having your own Singapore wedding video will just make everything and the captured memories that much more special for you and your spouse. So make sure to capture yours today with a competent wedding videographer in Singapore!

Pre Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas And Locations

If you are getting ideas for your wedding photo shoot or perhaps locations for your pre wedding photography Singapore session, then here are some really great ideas you can put to use. Hopefully the suggestions below would be able to inspire you (you can feel free to use them or adapt). Some of the following are suggested to me long ago by my friend working at Grandeur Wedding Pte Ltd.

Singapore pre wedding photography venue ideas:

1) Ann Siang Hill

A hot favorite spot for couples who are taking pre wedding photography in Singapore, Ann Siang Hill is a unique location in Singapore for such bridal photo shoots. This is because this place, although it looks very ‘traditional’, is actually based right smack in the middle of Singapore at Tanjong Pagar. Located at a very convenient place for those with private cars (it’s near a hawker center and to town) in Singapore, Ann Siang Hill offers the convenience of the city with a rustic and traditional settings for pre wedding photography.

2) Botanic Gardens

A UNESCO heritage site, Botanic Gardens with the beautiful swans in its numerous lakes, wonderful surrounding, calm and serenity throughout all parts of the Gardens, it is the ideal location for your pre wedding photography in Singapore.

Pre wedding photography ideas and inspiration

Or, you could always go for a pre wedding photo such as the one where the bride groom picks up the bride and swings her around in the air with the beautiful sunset in the background. This one has a more romantic feel and would work and look great for couples who prefer that.

For couples who prefer having more passion in their wedding photographs could go for something more like the right side where the soon to be married couple seem to be wanting to jump right into action if you know what I mean. I think that looks really awesome but stays classy as well. Just take note that if you want to take such photographs, make it to be the last for the day otherwise your entire clothing would potentially be dirty as you and your fiancee would most likely be wearing white and lying on the floor.

Bridal Photographs You Must Have!!

Similar to a to-do list, there is a to-capture list for wedding photography that is recently taking the internet by storm. The wedding photograph album must ideally show the view the entire process of the wedding event, starting from the moment after they got engaged, to the moment they held their wedding event / banquet. Some of the things that must be captured and included inside your wedding photograph album are:

1. Wedding dress (for the bride) and wedding suit (for the groom). This does not mean capturing photographs of the bride and groom wearing the wedding dress and suit(get your suits and gowns here if you need them: .  Instead, put the wedding dress and suit down and hang them up. Including a picture of them hung up like as if the first moment you first set your eyes on them may be a good start to the wedding photograph album.

2. Process of getting ready. There must be photographs showing the views what the bride and groom is going through during the “getting-ready process”. Some photographs showing their happy and/or nervous faces will be good and natural.

3. Couple shot. What is wedding photograph album without a picture of the newly-weds together in a photograph in Singapore? This should be the main highlight of the wedding photograph album

4. Family shot. It will be great to have a family shot that consists of the bride’s family and the groom’s family as their marriage symbolizes the merger of the 2 families.

5. The Aisle walk. The Aisle walk is one of the main highlight in the wedding event / banquet. The magical moment where the bride and groom walks down the aisle can be very touching and beautiful. You certainly don’t want to miss out this one.

6. The marriage document. This may be commonly missed out by photographers. An artistic photo of the marriage document, to me, is an essential component of a wedding photograph album.

And the list can go on and on. Here is a sample wedding photography to capture list that you can follow. Remember that the list is not exhaustive! You can add more things to the list as you want.

Capture Beautiful Wedding Memories

Hi there, my name is Jenny and I am a bridal photographer in Singapore. The reason why I took up this job as a wedding photographer is because I love looking at and interacting with joyful happenings. To me, weddings is one of the most joyful event in life. I feel both elated and important as a wedding photographer in Singapore, capturing beautiful wedding memories for different newly weds almost everyday. There is not a day I feel bored or irritated at my job as the atmosphere is always so lively and delightful. No one sulks during a wedding and it was pure positive energies all around.

Unlike most of the other Singapore bridal photographers, I am not a freelancer. In fact, I am attached to a wedding photography & videography studio in Singapore. This frees up a lot of my time as I do not need to go around actively looking for pre wedding photography jobs. I can say that I am aware of the various Singapore photography & videography studios’ work quality due to my long years in this industry.

I would say the best pre wedding photos I have seen come from Grandeur Wedding. Due to copyright issues, I will not post the pictures here. The pictures were taken overseas in Sweden if I recalled correctly (yes, Grandeur Wedding  Studio sent 2 wedding photographers to Sweden, accompanying the newly weds for their pre wedding photo shoot there). They went to quite a lot of locations to use them as the backdrop in the photographs. I especially liked the one with the lake as the backdrop. Go over to their website to look at those amazing photographs. If they removed it, perhaps you can call them up and arrange for a meet up for them to show you their portfolio.

A piece of advice for newly weds – if you would like to take beautiful wedding photographs or videos, go for those bespoke, higher end photography & videography studios in Singapore. Their quality is the crux and it will be worth it to pay a little more for the big difference in quality.